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Helping You Make Your Mark

trademarksWith over 30 years’ experience in the fields of intellectual property and information technology, Ron Ade is able to provide you with expert legal advice and assistance with the creation, protection and enforcement of your trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property matters.


trademark [treyd-mahrk]

n. A name, symbol, or other device identifying a product, officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner or manufacturer.
n. A distinctive characteristic by which a person or thing comes to be known: the shuffle and snicker that became the comedian’s trademark.
v. To label (a product) with proprietary identification.

Trademark Services


Prior to registration, we conduct trademark and brand research for you in the markets in which use of your trademark is proposed.


Once you select a trademark, we register it in all countries in which protection is required for the goods and/or services in association with it will be used.

Free Trademark Audits

We will review your trademarks, how your trademarks are used, and make recommendations on how you can increase your trademark protection and value.

Free Trademark Monitoring

Each week, we monitor all trademarks for which we are representative for service in the Canadian Trademarks Office, and report to you on upcoming renewals and any possible conflicting trademarks filed by others in Canada.

Free Address Updating

As we become aware of changes in your address, we will update your trademark applications and registrations.

Guaranteed Prices


For Canadian and United States trademark searches, we guarantee a low fixed price of a search before we start working for you.

Canadian Registrations

Before you decide to register a trademark in Canada, we guarantee a low fixed price that the registration will cost you*.

U.S. and International Registrations

Before you decide to register a trademark in the United States or internationally we guarantee a low fixed price that we will charge for our services, and we will engage a specialist in each country to ensure optimum results in each country**.

Canadian Trademark Renewals

We monitor your trademark registrations and guarantee a low fixed price for renewing your registrations and reporting to you.

No Extra Charges

We don’t charge you for opening files, regular postage, photocopies, printing of labels/letters/documents/bills, long distance or facsimiles.

*Fixed prices apply for applications up to registration, oppositions proceedings or rejections.
**Foreign association costs are additional.